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Canino Raw

Canino Mixed Meat

Canino Mixed Meat

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This Basic Mix with Premium Beef, Chicken & Turkey, all natural raw diet ideal for all breeds at any stage of life. It is high in protein and great for weight management. Ingredients: Chicken, finely ground chicken bone, turkey, finely ground turkey bone, beef, vitamins and minerals.


Chicken, finely ground chicken bone, chicken hearts, chicken liver, beef, beef liver, lamb tripe, vitamins and minerals.

Protein 15%
Phosphorus 0.5%
Fat 13%
Vitamin A 16000 UI/Kg
Fiber 0%
Vitamin D 3400 UI/Kg
Moisture 60%
Vitamin E 47 UI/Kg
Ash 5%
Lino Ipic Acid3%
Calcium 0.8%
Omega - 3 1%
Omega - 6 3%

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