Poop & Vomit

The proof is in the POOP!

Looking at your dogs poop is a perfect way to see how she or he is adjusting and to check their health. It tells us so much.

Cow patchy poop or loose stool, but not diarrhea can mean your dog needs more bone in his diet.
Giving more bone in your dogs meal will help firm up those loose stools.
Poop that is hard, dry & possibly white is an indicator that there may be too much bone
A raw fed dog’s poop is much smaller than a kibble fed dog. It will also disintegrate in time.

Here is a video to show you what your dogs poop will probably look like. No waste and crumbles in your hands (wear gloves). 2/3rds less poop than your normal doggie doo doo. So less to pick up, yayyy.

Enough with the poop. Let’s talk Puke (vomit)

Dogs can puke up bones that do not digest or have not been digested. No worries, it is normal.
Sometimes you will see yellow vomit which could be from a sudden change of diet of any kind they may vomit a yellow foamy

Raw is digested much faster than kibble. Raw will digest in 4 hours, but kibble can stay in the system 12 to 18 hours. Kibble was not natures intention to be eaten by a dog or wolf. Just take a look at the canine teeth made to chew and destroy bone and rip meat apart.