Our Story

Let me start by saying hello and introduce myself. My name is Dean and I am the owner/operator, trainer and breeder of Shiphra German Shepherds.

Hometown Raw (us) is located in Napanee Ontario, and we are currently Serving Kingston, Belleville and Napanee & surrounding areas for raw food locally. We are also branching out all over Ontario. Please check dealers at bottom of page as they will grow, to see if we service your area or an area near you. We have partners that stock and store, sell and deliver close to you. We are expanding our reach daily.

Raw dog food is not just for Shepherds so don’t stop here. It is for all carnivores, cats and dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes. As a breeder I obviously want the best for my dogs and you should also. I started researching food over 15 years ago and didn’t stop until I found the best food hands down for my dogs. I would not sell what I don’t recommend just for an extra buck. Quality Meat and manufactures are of top importance to us. Raw Food is not just raw food. You usually get what you pay for. Our foods will always remain at the best prices for the quality you are getting. All foods are manufactured elswhere and delivered to us frozen fresh. After the blend is done it is then frozen then cut and delivered. We store the food in -20°c as per the guidelines. Then it goes home to you. 

  • Produced under strict Food safety standards as recommended by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
  • Food is formulated to meet the Nutritional levels established by the AAFCO dog nutrient profiles for all life stages.
  • All formulas are Gluten Free and Non GMO.

It started with kibble and all sorts of ingredients, meat products, by products. There was so much to know and learn it made my head spin. Should meat be the first ingredient? Was corn bad? I got on to a no corn, no wheat, no soy which was good to have no fillers. The pet food companies is a million dollar business and they own most of our pet stores unfortunately. Just like the vets office foods. I knew I could not trust what they said to feed. It was taught to them by the manufactures, so they try to teach us the same thing. They are not educated in the field, only by the manufactures who promote their own foods.

Years I fed kibble. Finally I was just not happy that I had the best for my dogs. I did learn that spending $100 for a 40 pound bag was not the answer. The holistic, all natural foods after reading the ingredients I was turned off and realized you cannot trust any bag and what is advertised on the front. But let me skip to the present. You are here so you probably already know all of this.

NO KIBBLE is good kibble! So save your money and time and realize this. If you have to feed kibble for whatever reason, yes there are some that are better for your dogs than others. But we are not here to talk about kibble. Consider this. When you see a carrot on a dog food bag of holistic food, or a chicken leg on the bag, it looks good doesn’t it. Do have any idea what amount is in that bag?

Let me give you 1 example. Take a 40 pound bag and throw a small chicken drumstick in the bag for a visual. I doubt there is even that much real chicken in one full bag. So how much fresh raw or cooked protein are they actually getting? It is pathetic when you think about it. Once you realize this and feed raw, you will see the many benefits and your dogs enjoying ripping through meat and bones like they were meant to. It is so delightful to witness this. I love just watching them. There is so much to learn, but I am here to make it simple and easy for you to understand. There is so much info out there, I will share as many links and proof as I can and you will see it is a growing concern for pet owners to feed the best to their furry children. The final result was RAW FOOD. Bones and meat of all kinds. Dogs are carnivores, they need meat and the need to chew and bite and rip it apart. Their teeth were designed to to that. Once you realize this there is no turning back. Feeding kibble is like feeding sawdust to your dog. There is no comparison.

This leads me to the want to share with people and save them allot of time and effort. We have high quality dogs that cost thousands of dollars. Why would we want to feed anything less than the best. By the way, fed right it does not cost you anymore than a good kibble. So you lose no money. I cannot begin to list you all the benefits on this page. I will put it on the Why feed raw page. So we did more research and found suppliers all over the country and decided to help people locate this food and supply them by networking with other suppliers all over Canada for now. It is not about making money off this food. So we started up Hometown Raw, natural dog food to help our customers and other people who want the very best for their dogs health and wellness. We have a complete product list and easy to use order form. Some calculations to help you figure out what to order. If you still need help, do not hesitate to contact us and ask your questions, that is what we are here for. We want all our pets to live a long healthy sick free life!It is a hard market to make money and still give you the benefits of being able to afford to feed. That is what it is all about. Being able to feed the best to your dog without it costing you a fortune.