About the Diet

A little about feeding raw


What is raw feeding and how do I know what to feed my dog?

My mantra about raw feeding is to look to nature. What would my dog eat if he was living in the wild? The answer to that is he would eat any animal he could catch and kill. So the answer to what to feed is raw meat, bones, and organs from a variety of animals. Feed mostly meat, some bone, and some organs. The exact ratio isn’t critical.

What about fruits & veggies?

A lot of people feed their dogs veggies but if you look to nature, you will see that your dog wouldn’t eat veggies in any measurable amounts. He might eat a few berries or maybe some grass but certainly not zucchini, carrots, potatoes or any of the veggies that many people feed. Also you must know that all the cells in all vegetable matter is covered by a think layer of cellulose. This cellulose must be crushed during the eating process in order for the nutrients in the vegetables to be available for digestion. This is called bioavailablity. The nutrients in vegetable matter is not bioavailable to our dogs because they don’t have the flat molar teeth that plant eating animals do. Humans, for example, have flat molars for crushing cellulose during chewing. Dogs molars are called carnassal teeth and are not flat but work like scissors to rip and tear meat and crush bones. So, by looking at your dog’s teeth, you can tell that veggies just are not appropriate food for them. The vegetable material doesn’t harm your dog, but it does them no good either. Giving carrot treats occasionally doesn’t hurt. Just make sure that you don’t feed enough veggies to interfere with the amount of meat, bones, and organs your dog eats.