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Hometown Raw

HTR - Chicken & Beef Blend

HTR - Chicken & Beef Blend

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Our Hometown Raw preferred Chicken & Beef Blend!

Our Plain Formula product line offers formulas based on crushed meats and bones, which provide a source of protein only. It's perfect for transitioning to raw food or as a base for those who love to cook for their pets.

Our formula contains high-protein chicken and beef and provides a source of energy for active dogs. The chicken and beef duo provides a source of iron, zinc, vitamins and minerals, which help keep bones and joints in good condition.

36 individually vacuum sealed 1 lbs portions (approx.), 37-40 lbs box. 

There are 6 sheets per box and 6 individuals per sheet. 

WEIGHT 36 lbs

36 x 1 lb blocks


Chicken, crushed chicken bones, beef


Formulated to meet AAFCO standards


Chicken meat with bone
Beef (boneless)

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